3 Training Tips to Become a Better Mountain Biker


Have you ever wondered how that riding buddy of yours always smokes you on climbs, or seems to have an extra gear in his or her legs compared to you? It could be that they are just genetically more gifted, but it is much more likely that it is how the train. Genetics really come into play when you start to separate the professional caliber riders from the really strong amateurs. Here are three ways to change how you approach training to make the jump to the next level in your riding ability. [Read more…]

Periodized Training

So, you’ve finally signed up for that century ride, big mountain bike race, or multi-day touring ride and you are wondering how you should prepare so that you can truly enjoy your day(s). Building upon the previous article about energy systems, you will be using your aerobic system almost exclusively in these types of events. [Read more…]

The Body’s Energy Systems

In my last post I wrote about the timing of food and how it impacts our recovery and performance. It is important to understand the energy systems in the body before going into detail about how to optimize your nutrition. We must first understand what fuels our muscles in order to eat appropriately for training and recovery. The body has 3 basic metabolic energy systems, which play different roles, depending on the activity you are trying to do. These energy systems are: [Read more…]