Custom Training Plans

Our custom training plans are the perfect option for athletes on a budget.

Our custom triathlon training plans are $300 for a 3 month plan. USAT certified coach Nick Swanson can build plans for athletes competing in Xterra races and sprint triathlons all the way to iron distance races. Choosing the custom training plan option doesn’t allow for the close oversight and modifications that personal coaching offers, but these plans will absolutely help guide you to better performances than simply going out for swims, bike rides, and runs without a purpose. You will see results as your plan progresses you through the appropriate workouts for the phase of training you should be in and allows for adequate recovery periods.
For our customized training plans, we go through the same initial evaluation of your training and racing history and goal setting process as we do for athletes who choose personal coaching. We then build triathlon training plans in 3 month blocks based on your personal goals and fitness level. Your customized training plan will have very detailed, descriptive workouts with workout duration, intensity (pace, power, HR), recovery and suggested terrain.

Custom training plans for runners and cyclists are also available for $150 for a 3 month plan.  We can build plans for all types of running races as well as road and mountain bike races.  This is a great option if you are targeting one “A” race during your season and are looking for some guidance, but not quite ready to make the leap to full coaching.

​You might be asking, why only 3 months? Well, a lot can happen in 3 months. We want to re-evaluate where your fitness stands and how your body has responded to your training program. We believe that a plan longer than 3 months is not going to optimize your performance because at that point it is not taking into account where your current fitness is at. A training plan past 3 months may not be challenging enough to create a positive training response, or if unforeseen circumstances happened that kept you from training at the level prescribed in your initial training plan, then it may be too difficult. For those reasons, and many more, we don’t believe in creating plans longer than 3 months.