About Us


Hello, my name is Nick Swanson.  I am a USAT Certified coach and decided to start Through The Wall Training in 2012.  I have been fascinated with training methodologies ever since I started racing endurance sports events.  Speaking of racing, I have been racing triathlons as an amatuer, mostly in the Xterra circuit for 6 years. In addition to triathlons, I have raced countless running and mountain bike events during my 15 years as an endurance athlete.  I bring a science based approach to endurance sports training combined with experience balancing work, life and training to help you achieve your goals.

I bring a passion for endurance sports training along with an unquenchable desire to learn more about exercise physiology and training methods. These qualities ensure that my coaching is always based on proven training methods, and incorporates the latest  findings in endurance sports training where and when appropriate. In addition, as an athlete myself, I know how hard you work and the results you expect to achieve. With that in mind, no corner is cut, and no rock is left un-turned in the effort to unlock your potential and make sure you have the breakthrough performance that you are capable of.